What is the UTU?

The United Theological University is a universal, competency-based, graduate, theological union of theological seminaries, centers, and schools whose mission is to secure a universal path towards the competent graduate formation of spiritual leaders, practitioners of theological arts and sciences.

Born from the leadership of an ancestral order of illumination, UTU exists as an enmeshed alliance of schools, commissions, and centers of higher learning, governed by the Academic Senate and led by the Executive Council.

All certificates and degrees emitted by the United Theological University are considered to be formal recognitions within our ecclesiastic framework and meant to form successfully graduated members into competent ministerial professionals and titled practitioners of faith based arts and divine sciences as part of the greater mission of enlightenment.

Office of the Dean General

Headquartered on the island of Puerto Rico of the United States of America, the Office of the Dean General heads the Council of Deans, providing support and guidance to the heads of schools, councils, and affiliated institutions of the United Theological University.

Dr. Hector Lee Rodriguez∴ has held the Office of Dean General since the foundation of the UTU.

Office of the Chancellor

The Office of Chancellor for the United Theological University governs the standards of practice, presiding the board of syndicates, and establishing the rules of operation for the University, members, and affiliates.

The Council of Minerva

The Council of Minerva provides academic and ecclesiastic oversight for the University, serving as a board of syndicates and establishing standards for higher education in the global community. The Council is led by the Office of the Chancellor.

Executive Board & Academic Senate

The United Theological University’s Executive Board leads the international body's daily affairs and can be contacted directly via email, post, or fax. A general contact form has been included in the following section to help you get in touch with our staff. The Board serves an international gathering of theological schools, seminaries, universal theologians and religious scholars.

Contact Us

Your messages will be delivered to the Executive Board.


Office of the Rector:
(727) 777-7666

Office of the Dean General:
(939) 999-2022


PO Box 507
Dorado, PR 00646
United States of America